A New Approach to Decision Making

We provide strategy and tools to turn data into actionable and repeatable insights

Bespoke Data Products

Every customer is unique, and we respect that. We build exclusive and customized data products integrating multiple datasets and leveraging complex machine learning algorithms. Our experience in sourcing and analyzing alternative datasets provides our customers with unique insights.

Reliable Data Pipeline

From our experience we learned that any data pipeline fails at some point. To ensure continuous data processing we built intelligence to handle many complex scenarios: - Source-side failures. - Unexpected behavior and transient data issues. - Vendor schema updates and changes. - Monitoring and alerting systems. - 24/7 support and incident management.

Self Service Dashboards

Sophisticated users need modern and dynamic ways to access the information that drive their decisions. Our dashboards allow business users to access all data features and make data-driven decisions on the spur of the moment without increased wait times and dependency on data teams.

Dataset Integration

Sometimes the best insights are extracted combining multiple, heterogenous datasets. Over the years we developed a powerful platform to streamline the process of integrating and normalizing both traditional and alternative datasets under one, common data structure. This empowered us to build bespoke data products at scale.

Rapid Development

Rapidly evolving business and economic conditions require quick answer to specific questions. The Quantision team, leveraging our advanced development platform, is able to develop and deploy sophisticated data applications within weeks, not months.

Strategic Partnerships With Data Providers

We established strategic partnerships with a selected number of data providers to help data vendors extract the maximum value from their data and to provide our customers with the best datasets for each industry.

Data Quality

From our experience building data science solutions across multiple industries we provide guidance and solutions to improve data quality, identify and remove outliers, create efficient data structures and build strong processes that reduce production issues.

Enriched Products

Sometimes the best insights come from the combination of multiple, heterogenous datasets. We partner with data vendors to combine first party data with additional data coming from third party sources. Enriched datasets are a valuable asset because more insightful and more difficult to replicate.

Backtest Predictive Factors

We work with vendors to find unique predictive factors by industry or KPI, and to backtest hypothesis using a state-of-the-art, custom built backtesting software.

Business Strategy

In the current competitive data marketplace, it becomes crucial to set the right strategy. We help data vendors to build industry or vertical specific products to target specific client needs.

Event and KPI Forecast

Company Specific Forecast

Our advanced algorithms allow organizations and investors to track company specific KPIs and to forecast company events with high accuracy. We deliver our forecast at your pace: weekly, daily or intra-day.

Measurable Accuracy

Each forecast comes with a full historical backtest to make sure our customers can feel comfortable on taking decisions based on our numbers.

Point-in-Time Analysis

Every dataset used in the forecast process is rigorously stored in our datalake point-in-time, i.e. we timestamp the moment that each piece of information became available. This is done to avoid the so called "look-ahead-bias" in our backtests, very common for data that get historically corrected, such as macroeconomic and company fundamental data.

Industry-leading Data Analysis Platform

Our advanced data analysis platform is the foundation to provide accurate and timely insights to our clients.

Fast Data Processing

Cloud Based